The Durbrow Performance Training Story

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Callie Durbrow founder of Durbrow Performance Training
Our founder

Callie Durbrow

I created DPT in 2010 with a mission to help people see their true potential, using fitness as the vehicle for that confidence and growth. I also wanted to build upon the foundation of creating a little better place in the world, starting with this training family. Our training stemmed from my years as an athlete. Training with my team always inspired me to be better and it was so much more motivating than doing it alone. That’s where our group strength and conditioning style of training was born. Why I do what I do: I love seeing people succeed. Period. We all have so much more potential inside us than we realize and I have been lucky enough to have amazing coaches who have pulled that out of me. I push every day to help people realize their own potential, build their confidence and ultimately make the world a better place with happier and stronger people. Callie lives in Dracut with her husband Nick and twin daughters, Annie and Charlotte. Callie’s professional certifications: NSCA CSCS (certified strength & conditioning specialist), GGS Pre and Post Natal Certified, CPPS certified

Our coaches

Emily Boynton coach at Durbrow Performance Training

Emily Boynton

I have been a coach at DPT since 2011. I train at DPT because of the people, their potential, and the FUN. We laugh, we sweat and we do work, lots of it. Working in the environment where you get to see people overcomes obstacles and challenges their limits, makes getting out of bed (even at 3am) easy. I am not about the push ups or the six-packs. Those are the end results and they are great but I’m about the journey to get there. The journey, the struggle that builds resilience, strength and confidence. I want people to feel alive, enthusiastic about why they are and confident. Exercise can literally transform lives. I believe in my clients, their ability to change, grow and accomplish great things. When people start thinking about being limitless and let go of their limiting beliefs, their body health and happiness opens up and I want a front row seat to see it. I lost someone that I love because they didn’t know how to take care of themselves. They could not get healthy, could not move and they lost their battle. I work every day to help prevent anyone else from going down this path. We all have a choice and I do what I do to get people to understand the power of that choice. I work out to be the best version of me. I never ask clients to do anything that I don’t demand of myself. I hate workouts sometimes and love them on other days. But I understand that they all count when I put in the time, sweat and effort. At heart I will always be a chubby little fat girl but for an hour or two I can put her away and set a new expectation of my body. My workouts provide mental clarity, toughness and stress relief. I live in Derry, NH with my husband Adam, son Benjamin and daughter Aelin.

Erin Bourque coach at Durbrow Performance Training

Erin Bourque

I enjoy helping others. Having grown up with a nurse as a mother, I have always wanted to help people like she does every day. I specifically like helping people with their fitness and nutrition goals. I also love competing. Sports have always been a big part of my life. I have found being a part of a team in order to succeed is rewarding. Reaching personal goals is great, but helping others tackle their own goals is definitely a driving force for me. Along with fitness, I am a firm believer in proper nutrition. I realized in college that I needed to do more for my body to stay in shape other than just exercising. It’s important to keep your body healthy both inside and out. This former small town Vermont girl is a lover of burpees, black labs and friendly people. I live in Windham, NH with my husband Brian and dog Bo.

Ian Peck

Brian Fox coach at Durbrow Performance Training

Brian Fox

I grew up playing sports all the way through college and some of the people that helped me the most during my athletic career were my strength and conditioning coaches and athletic trainers. Working with them so much really inspired and motivated me to want to get into the industry to help people feel better and move better. After my first internship I found working together with people in a gym setting showing them how strong and amazing they can be was one of the best feelings.

For me one of the best parts of coaching is seeing someone do a something in the gym they didn’t think they could do. Seeing people Lift a new weight, remembering a certain exercise, getting on the floor again, and so many other things that people thought they would never do is so rewarding because you can see how empowered people are and how awesome they are!

I currently live in Manchester and during my spare time not in the gym I try to spend time out on the golf course or being on a boat with friends as much as possible.


  • Certified personal trainer through the NCSF.
  • Level 1 kettlebell coach through Kettlebell Athletics.
  • Level 1 boxing and barbell coach
  • Primal kettlebell movement specialist.
  • Certified functional movement screen specialist.
  • Certified fall prevention specialist.

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